Give Yourself the Gift of Silence


I talk about the power of silence in my book Integrative Wellness Rules:  A Simple Guide to Healthy Living. Silence gives us the chance to listen to the whisper – that part of us that inspires, invites new opportunities and challenges, and gives us creative ideas. It’s hard to hear the muse when we are chasing out tails; and the pace of our lives encourages us to do just that. Silence opens the door for us to be, not do.

We need to actively fight for chances to get out of the noise and speed of our lives, and slow down into quiet. Miraval Resort and Spa offers such an opportunity. It can give us permission to get rid of our to-do lists and remember how to simply be in the present moment without judging it to be good or bad.  But sometimes, even at Miraval, the lure of filling our schedules can be quite appealing.

And even there, my recommendation to Miraval guests is to practice one simple action plan: turning off and tuning in.

Read the rest of The Power of Turning Off & Tuning In: 3 Ways to Give Yourself the Gift of Silence at SpaFinder’s Wellness Blog.

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