Spartan Sprint


That’s me finishing the Spartan Race I signed up for long ago with my friend, Sean McMannus.  We ran it on a Saturday morning in February.  Arizona mornings are cold, especially this one.  You don’t feel it while you’re running.

Until you step in water to your waist and climb a 25 foot rope, that’s when you start feeling the cold – in the slosh of your shoes.

You feel it for the next couple of miles and obstacles – climbing a steep mountain with a 50 pound bag of sand, hopping log stumps, climbing 6 foot walls, then 7 feet then 8, dragging a cinder block around a 50 yard track of sand.

You don’t feel the cold until you’re crawling 50 yards under barbed wire.

The first ten seem easy, and then you realize there’s a whole lot more in front of you and there are ditches filled with water.

And they’re spraying it on you.  And it’s cold.

What are you gonna do?


Keep moving.

And finally, when you’re through the Barbed Wire, there’s an inclined wall full of mud that you climb over with a rope.  Jump over fire – a brief moment of warmth – and then fight through Spartan warriors to get your metal at the Finish.

4.7 miles, 17 obstacles, and a whole lotta fun.

The clean-up wasn’t pretty.  Taking a shower with a water hose – again with the cold water – was not a fond memory.  I left my shoes at the race.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.   Go run a race:

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