Quick ‘n’ Dirty Wellness

Health does not have to be complex or difficult to manage.

It can be simple, doable, effective—it can even be fun. And if we pop the right health tools into our daily lives, they can move us closer to where we want to go instead of bogging us down or overwhelming us into doing nothing.

Health can be quick ‘n’ dirty.

I’ve defined wellness before as a feeling of confidence and vitality knowing that you are using a set of strategies to move you towards health, which is a state of wholeness, balance and resilience. Having health does not imply that we aren’t going to get knocked down; but it does mean we can quickly get back up again and start moving forward in a healthy state without much collateral damage.

We want to have strategies that are quick ‘n’ dirty to make that happen.

The process of learning these wellness tools and implementing them into our daily routines cannot be too much of a challenge, and yet they have to be powerful enough to make a difference.

As a physician and health coach, I’ve spent my entire career hunting such strategies down. I’ve collected them in a new book called “Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide to Healthy Living.”

All of us are trying to figure out what to do get healthier, back in balance or finding ways to improve on where we are. The challenge is that there is so much information to process, more often than not we get overwhelmed or don’t know where to start.

Simple is so much better than complex.

Let me give you my top three quick ‘n’ dirty health tips for the New Year:

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  1. Dennis Wonn

    Like your style. How is Weil involved?

    • jpnicolai

      Thanks very much. Unfortunately Dr. Weil is not involved in the work that I do on this website.

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