Unclutter Your Health Routine

Medicine is focused on what’s wrong with you and not what’s right or how to get back into balance. As I looked into areas where I could guide people, health seemed like it gave me a lot of opportunities. When you think of medicine as just treating disease, then it’s just drugs and surgical approaches. But if you think of medicine as a way to be and stay healthy, then sky’s the limit in terms of coaching people on how to get there and stay there.

Health does not have to be complex or difficult to manage. When we complicate our routines, we either chase our tails to get things done or we become so overwhelmed that we do nothing. There are simple, doable, effective changes you can make that you can pop into your daily routine.

My most profound health discovery? Breathwalking. I have a hard time meditating, even though I know it’s beneficial. Getting into that state of calm and logistically managing it just doesn’t come easy to me. The only thing that quieted my mind was exercise, but I had to block off specific time for it and it didn’t quite get me into the “flow state” that meditation is known for. I wanted to find a way to access that feeling of flow in real time so that I could use it immediately when I felt stressed. I knew that breathing and walking were two things I did regularly throughout the day. And both are key components of health. Combining them felt natural.

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