Healing With Heart


I recently had a chance to talk with Dr. Oz about the mysterious power of spontaneous healing. How does a mother of three with late stage lymphoma, sent home to die with no treatment, find herself in complete remission two years later?  Most doctors relegate these stories to the corner and categorize them as rare, unknown obscurities. Dr. Jeff Rediger and I are fascinated by them and want to know more.

What’s Going On Here?

Jeff Rediger is a psychiatrist and medical director at McLean Hospital in Boston, where he also serves as instructor at Harvard Medical School and is founder of the Center for Psychological & Spiritual Development in Cambridge.

His passion lies in studying cases of spontaneous healing, while documenting them with medical and factual evidence. In one of our conversations, Dr. Rediger relays an amazing story of an individual with multiple myeloma, who went into an MRI machine with a significantly large tumor of the spine. He had a profound, unexplainable healing experience during the procedure, and came out of it with no tumor – only healed bone in its place.

 Are You Kidding Me? How Does This Happen?

I know that the body has a healing system – that it can repair and regenerate itself. I also know that the body wants to be healthy – that it wants to come back to a state of balance, where all systems operate efficiently.

Unfortunately, our conscious mind has little to do with this process; in fact it is more likely to get in the way of things – especially with how fast our mental chatter is running these days. The random thoughts and feelings that invade our conscious mind usually run counter to our healing system, rather than nurturing or strengthening it. In order to heal ourselves, we need to get out of our heads and focus on the language of our hearts.

Read more of Healing With Heart at Dr. Oz.

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